The Nature Reserve Diaccia Botrona spans over a thousand hectares of land and is considered the most important Italian wetland (from '91 also recognized internationally important). Established in '96, is the remained fraction of the ancient Lake Pile, who came to occupy 50 kilometers and was drained in the nineteenth century. The marsh occupies, at present, about 700 hectares, close to the pine wood of Castiglione della Pescaia stretches over the plain that connects the seaside resort with Grosseto.
Diaccia Botrona possesses a rare and significant ecosystem, which is home to an incredible variety of living organisms, both plants and animals. It 'a real "gene bank" that gives a great contribution to the maintenance of the biodiversity of the area.
The vegetation is characterized by Salicornieto that occupies the west side of Diaccia and the lemon groves. In this area there are also a dozen species of orchids, some of particular interest for beauty and rarity. Finally the vast forest that once covered much of the Maremma plain.

The bird life is the most interesting and most spectacular part of the reserve. They are, in fact, about 200 detected species that alternate throughout the year, of which about 80 nesting. Among the most important marsh harrier, the hen harrier, the white heron, osprey, the kite, the honey buzzard, the slender- billed curlew, little egrets, squacco, black-tailed godwit, the purple heron, the bittern, the European roller and the cuckoo crested. Among the mammals that inhabit the Diaccia we find foxes, hedgehogs, porcupines, badgers, hares and otters. There are also numerous reptiles, including the European pond turtle, the rat snake, the snake of Aesculapius, the lizard, the green lizard, the three-toed skink, the tortoise and the gecko. The waters are populated by crustaceans, annelids, arachnids and insects.T

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